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OH! CMS helps you create content, not confusion.

Packing a Mean Punch in a Lean Package

Create content, not confusion, with OH! CMS.

We've seen our fill of overstuffed, overcomplicated Content Management Systems. They all boast the same overindulgence of features but are so convoluted that they may as well come with a roadmap. We've created a solution that manages websites fully without all the clutter and chaos you're likely to find with other systems. We've recently released version 5 of our OH! CMS and it delivers the best of both worlds: it's got all of the power and none of the mess.

The most successful sites are the ones that are maintained regularly with up-to-date and relevant words of substance. OH! CMSv5 gives you everything you need to keep your website's content in tip-top shape.

Integrated Google Analytics

Learn who's visiting your site from where and for how long - one single glance at the OH! CMS dashboard gives you all the statistics you need.

Screenshot - OH CMS Dashboard view

Picture Perfect

No photo editing experience? No problem! Our new and improved image manager lets you crop and resize your pictures easily so you can get that perfect photo fit.

Screenshot - OH CMS crop tool

Inline Editing

What you see is (actually) what you get! Edit your content directly within your website; there won't be any surprises waiting for you after you hit 'publish'.

Screenshot - OH CMS text editor

Easy on the Eyes

OH! CMS v5 is the sleekest and most attractive iteration of the OH! CMS yet. But rest assured, there are plenty of brains behind its beauty. And it's fast & friendly to boot!

Screenshot - OH CMS page module

Responsibly Responsive

Whether you're at your desk or on the go with your tablet or smartphone, the latest version of the OH! CMS adapts to your device to provide you with an optimal experience.

Screenshot - OH CMS device scaling

Manage Your Files

Drag and drop files from your computer to your website with complete ease and control. Adding images or PDFs to your site has never been easier. Organize files & folders with no hassle.

Screenshot - OH CMS drag and drop photos

Members Management

Got some content you'd like hidden "for private eyes only"? The OH! CMS allows you to assign privileges to individual members or create multiple groups for bulk permission settings.

Screenshot - OH CMS members module

Multiple Administrators

Create an array of fellow contributors to help lighten the load of managing your website's content. Give your admins free reign or narrow their privileges down to a specific area.

Screenshot - OH CMS user module

Endlessly Expandable

If there's something you need that isn't a part of our OH! CMS standard installation package then our developers can make it happen. The possibilities are as endless as your dreams.

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