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Interaction Design - An Important Part Of The Web Design Process

Interaction design, also known as IxD, is an integral part of the process in designing and developing a successful website or app. According to Wikipedia, Interaction Design “is the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.” To take that a bit further, it is a design discipline that deals with the situations in which people and machines...

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Adaptive Design – How We Approach Web Projects

Websites work differently on mobile devices than they do on laptops and desktop computers. Adaptive design is a term that covers a range of solutions and approaches in which the design and content of a website or app adapts to the context in which it is used. The goal is to improve user experience, which can then lead to higher conversion rates. There are several ways in which an adaptive design...

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SEO Is Changing and You Need To As Well

SEO is an ever changing-game, and with Google’s recent Hummingbird update, your old SEO tricks may be doing you more harm than good. Start the year with a refreshed approach to SEO. Follow these tips to make sure your SEO approach is not having a negative impact.ContentContent is king, and it has been for sometime. Quality, regularly updated, well crafted content. But there are a lot of...

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CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure! Go Didga!

World's BEST Skateboarding CAT! Go Didga! The Action starts when Ollie, a skateboard, takes his friend Didga, a CAT, for a ride around a beautiful beach town. On the way Didga "shows off" by jumping on, off, up and even over obstacles. One of those obstacles happens to be a large Rottweiler dog.Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/CatTrainerToo

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Introducing OH! CMS V5

It packs a mean punch in a lean package.It’s simple. And, let’s face it, when it comes to managing your own website, the easier the better—right?That’s why we developed OH! CMS V5.  Having worked with all of the major Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market, we’ve taken an approach with a focus on User Experience and have brought all of the great things...

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