Your website is a branch of your business. Although it isn’t a physical structure, it requires the same amount of attention and maintenance.

Content Will Always Be King

No matter what device is used to visit your website today or in the future, your content must have value to keep visitors returning. People visit a website for one reason; they are looking for information. The information needed may be concerning a product, a service, building instructions, or a self-help video. If all visitors find is poorly written content full of repeatitious key words, they are not likely to return.

Evaluate your content.  Does it contain value for the consumer, or is it full of search engine optimization (SEO) gimmicks designed to get Google to increase your ranking? And even valuable content needs to be updated often. Blogs are one way to add interesting content. You can also use your blog to effectively launch new products or services. Use your blog to introduce your employees, and have each one write a description of what their department or service offers the consumer. Explore the blogs of similar companies, and observe how they are used.


Simple platforms are the easiest to adapt to all devices. Keeping your platform visual, readable and accessible gives you the greatest flexibility and makes it easy to adapt to the greatest number of devices. The experience of the user will determine if they will return to your website. If your web design only works correctly on a computer, you will potentially be losing all the visitors using smartphones and tablets. Keep your articles small. It’s tedious to read 1200 word articles on a smartphone. For most content, 500 words or less is a good size.

Control Image Size And Layout Using Media Queries

Your images should look equally good on a large screen monitor as on a small smartphone. Using CSS3 media queries allows you to make your page layout fit every screen resolution including tablets and smartphones. Media queries also make your images adjust to the proper size for the device being used.

Other Advantages of CSS3 Media Queries

  1. Eliminates the inconvenience of zooming and scrolling to read text.
  2. Increases the chance of a greater number of product or service sales.
  3. You will gain an increase in visitors who depend on smartphones for browsing.

Clean, Bold, and Uncluttered

Visitors appreciate clean web sites and easy navigation. Bold colors in limited amounts are attractive and grab attention. Animations or too many graphics can distract from the content. Highlight the important facts about your business by using bullets or placing a list in an outlined box.

Google algorithms, smartphones, tablets, and other technology developments will dictate the pace for web design. Your website needs to accommodate everyone, whether they are on a smartphone and riding a bike, on a tablet and sitting under a tree, or sitting at a desk browsing the web on a computer. Keep your web content and design current, and you will keep up with the competition.  

Written By: Scott Whitehead