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Tourism Regina - A Case Study

Last year, we worked with Tourism Regina to help them revamp their website—from its functionality to its design.They were looking to enhance their community event calendar, redesign the city’s business directory and do a complete design and content overhaul— for a site that was suitable for desktop and mobile browsers. Taking into account the purpose of a local tourism...

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Training And Engagement You Can Take To The Bank

Conexus is a well known and respected brand in the province, but it was time for them to refresh. They invested time to review their brand—to make sure it still expressed what they stood for, and still represented their cooperative, member-centric spirit and proudly demonstrated their fresh approach to financial wellness.As part of their brand review they enlisted the help of OH! Media for...

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A System That Saves Millions

Oil and gas is a highly cost competitive sector, with three factors that drive projects: time, people and money.NL Fisher Supervision and Engineering Ltd approached OH! Media to create a web app for a newly developed product called AFEMAX™. The aim of the app is to achieve maximum project cost reductions for Operators (buyers) and increase service company utilization for Sellers (oilfield...

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The Future Of Farming

At harvest time, grain losses can run as high as 11%.That’s a huge waste of product and a huge loss of income.South Country Equipment had an idea that could help get grain loss down to 1-3% by giving farmers the right information, right in their hands.OH! Media used South Country Equipment’s farming knowhow to designed and developed a web app. This mobile-only app helps producer...

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Community Involvement – We Love to Help!

As our About Us page states, OH! Media is a web development company based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Over the last eight years, we’ve had many opportunities to work with people that help give Regina and area it’s own unique, awesome local flavour. Supporting Saskatchewan companies and organizations is very important to us because we also live here and personally benefit from these great...

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