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The Cats of YouTube

It's been a while since we've posted a cat video, and this one seems very fitting. Richard Swarbrick has created a stop-motion animation rendered completely in watercolour. Set to "Kirrilee" by Empathy Test, it provides a very serene take on cat videos. Enjoy!Written By: Scott Whitehead

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CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure! Go Didga!

World's BEST Skateboarding CAT! Go Didga! The Action starts when Ollie, a skateboard, takes his friend Didga, a CAT, for a ride around a beautiful beach town. On the way Didga "shows off" by jumping on, off, up and even over obstacles. One of those obstacles happens to be a large Rottweiler dog.Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/CatTrainerToo

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Lil BUB's Magical Yule LOG Video

BUB loves being warm, especially his time of the year. In this amazing hour-long episode, BUB settles into a comfortable bout of fireside napping and purring. It's the perfect way to have BUB join your own holiday celebration!Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/LilBubBub

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