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Is Your Logo Design Keeping You From Growing?

Apart from the name of your brand, the most identifiable feature of your brand is your logo. If someone sees your company name for the first time, the next thing they look for is your company’s logo. That is how important a company’s logo is to the brand. It is the most identifiable factor of a company after the name. This is why your logo design has to be perfect. It has to tell a...

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How to Build A Website You Can Boast About

Web design can get complicated. There are the big-ticket items, like the overall layout and user experience, and then there’s the smaller details, like which colors you choose and what type of graphics you include.But the truth is, whether the element seems big or small, it can have a huge impact on the design overall. In fact, a study by a web credibility research team at Stanford indicates...

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Join Us!

And we're looking for a senior developer to grow with us! Is your keyboard your best friend? We need someone like you. Someone who slays code like Buffy and exterminates bugs like the Orkin man. OH! knows that good code is at the same time elegant and effective. If you agree, we want to talk to you.

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“IN THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES” What can and should you say right now?

As business leaders you’ve obviously prepared for a lot of possibilities and situations. You’ve likely done strategy sessions around contingency planning, and had meetings or drafted documents for scenario or emergency planning. But, only the most intensive planning could prepare anyone for a global pandemic. We’re sure you’re sick of seeing the word...

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How to Manage "WFH" In COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced and encouraged many companies to transition their staff to WFH (work from home) with little planning, or time to adjust. Like many of our other clients we’ve heard from, you might be wondering how to stay connected with your staff. And, how can you maintain communication? We’ve put together a couple tips on tools you can use to help your team rock remote...

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