How long will you wait for a page to load? Research shows half of us expect a page to load in two seconds or less and 40% will leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

If your website isn’t meeting expectations you’re losing potential customers before they even walk in the door, which can directly impact your search ranking.

Our web developers use a new tool introduced by Google to improve website speeds.

With Google Page Speed Insights, you can quickly diagnose what’s slowing your web page down. Our developers can then focus on speeding things up. The tool performs site tests and ranks your site with a score. The goal is 100%. (Which is exactly what we did with the OH! Media site.)

A slow website can be caused by any number of things; files that are too large, a set up that requires your users to download things that they don’t actually need to download, or more technical problems with things like JavaScript, CSS, and caching that give inefficient directions to the computers of your clients and customers.

There’s more to it than just speed.

A fast website does more than just please users, it also tells Google to reward your website with higher rankings on the search engines. This is because a faster website will have more page views, more link clicks, more sharing, and more activity overall. All of these things help Google understand that your website works well, people are not leaving your website before it loads, and that your website has valuable information that people are reading and sharing. A perfect recipe for good SEO.

So cheers to better results for you, and a speedier website for your followers.

And don’t worry about us being satisfied at that 100% mark. We’re always striving for those bonus points. 

Written By: Kaylee Gryba