It packs a mean punch in a lean package.

It’s simple. And, let’s face it, when it comes to managing your own website, the easier the better—right?

That’s why we developed OH! CMS V5.  Having worked with all of the major Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market, we’ve taken an approach with a focus on User Experience and have brought all of the great things we’ve seen in other platforms into one. It’s robust yet versatile. It’s easy to use, but still secure. With OH! CMS V5, we host the sites and manage the security, which means no third party plug-ins or updates that’ll break your site.

Now for the fun stuff: What's under the hood.

The most successful sites are those that are updated frequently with relevant content. For those unfamiliar, this can be daunting. That’s why we made everything as simple as possible, keeping everyone in mind—from the tech savvy to the technologically challenged.

With the OH! CMS V5 you’ll be able to:

  • Edit content directly on your web page and see how it looks, while you write. Change headlines, body copy and even the buttons.
  • Upload and publish files and photos easily. This CMS will crop and resize pictures for you without the need for photo editing software.
  • It’s responsive, meaning only one site for desktop, mobile and tablet and you can access your CMS on the go from a smartphone or tablet.
  • You decide who sees what and who can edit what, meaning you can assign individual or group privileges to view specific pages or sections of your website.
  • There’s drag and drop file management which means organizing files on your website is as easy as organizing files on your computer.
  • You can set up permissions for who can edit your website, allowing full access or narrow privileges to specific areas.
  • There’s integrated Google Analytics, so the dashboard gives you the important stats right down to the hour.
  • It’s endlessly customizable, which means if you need it, our developers will make it happen.  

This updated version of our CMS really delivers the best of both worlds: it’s got all of the power and none of the mess!

Written By: Scott Whitehead