It was that special time of year of merry and jolly. The wish lists were made, and snow was softly falling.

The developers were snuggled up in their beds, while visions of best practices danced in their heads. Mobile responsive, HTML, type and code. Usability, CSS, and testing mode. 

And on December 9th, everyone awoke excited. “For us?” Scott said, “We’re just so delighted!”. Wrapped up (figuratively) in bows and lights flashing was their very own (Canadian) Smashing.

Old rhyming schemes aside, Interactive Team Lead really did get a wish fulfilled this week as he set out to attend the first ever Canadian Smashing Conference, held in Whistler B.C.

Once again, Smashing has put together a great lineup of experts in development and design to speak to the enraptured attendees.

Scott is a long-time attendee of Smashing Conf. and played an instrumental role in bringing Smashing to Canada. What started as a conversation over beers has turned into Smashing footprints in the snow and an early Christmas present for eager Smashing fans and followers.

As a lover of all things ‘web design’ Scott will take in the conference that he got to help plan, and return with a sack full of new contacts and perspective to the OH! Media team. He’s like a trim, stylish Santa.

Written By: Samantha Karikas