When designing a web application there are a lot of things to consider; what does the client want and need? What’s the budget and how should it look? And, maybe most importantly, what will the user experience be like when they visit your site?

While the end user is always carefully considered, they’re not always made the star they should be. User experience, or UX as the smart guys call it, and usability, is how people feel and interact when they are using a digital product. And when driving and maintaining traffic to your website it key to your business, it’s pretty important for the user to experience nothing short of internet bliss.

At OH Media we don’t just consider usability; we are certified in it.

After an intense four-week course, Interactive Team Lead Scott wrote and passed the exam to become a Certified Usability Analyst—an internationally recognized designation. And it’s exclusive too. Currently there are less than 5,000 designers worldwide who can say they have this designation and the education to go along with it. 

With this certification, you can be sure that all the design bases are covered. It starts with developing user, task and environmental profiles.  This process considers the user—how old are they? What will they be using the application for? It then considers the task—do they need a home screen or dashboard to guide them? With they be working in a call centre and needing a system that prompts them? And the third element is an environmental profile. This profile considers things like how many people will need to log in to the system, and even what kind of lighting the room has! The process is a thorough approach rooted in best practice and a lot of research all to ensure the delivery of an amazing application.

Scott has many years of experience designing responsive, elegant and user-friendly websites, but with this new certification, he’s basically the Jedi-Master of usability, which can turn your website into a force to be reckoned with.

Written By: Samantha Karikas