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A System That Saves Millions

Oil and gas is a highly cost competitive sector, with three factors that drive projects: time, people and money.NL Fisher Supervision and Engineering Ltd approached OH! Media to create a web app for a newly developed product called AFEMAX™. The aim of the app is to achieve maximum project cost reductions for Operators (buyers) and increase service company utilization for Sellers (oilfield...

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The Future Of Farming

At harvest time, grain losses can run as high as 11%.That’s a huge waste of product and a huge loss of income.South Country Equipment had an idea that could help get grain loss down to 1-3% by giving farmers the right information, right in their hands.OH! Media used South Country Equipment’s farming knowhow to designed and developed a web app. This mobile-only app helps producer...

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Something Smashing Is Coming To #YQR!

As web applications are becoming swamped with data, and data reporting applications move to the web, both are faced with the same question: How do we deal with displaying and manipulating data, including both corporate and/or user-generated data, in responsive interfaces? That is why we have teamed up to create a workshop with our good friend, founder and editor-in-chief at Smashing Magazine, and all around good guy, Vitaly Friedman.

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We're Growing!

And we're looking for a senior developer to grow with us! Is your keyboard your best friend? We need someone like you. Someone who slays code like Buffy and exterminates bugs like the Orkin man. OH! knows that good code is at the same time elegant and effective. If you agree, we want to talk to you.

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Change Your Bad SEO Habits

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of all businesses marketing strategies, but unless you outsource your SEO to a company who makes it their business to keep up with, and ahead of, changes, you are in danger of falling behind and making SEO mistakes that could damage search ranking. Here are few things you should be checking to ensure you are doing any harm when it comes to...

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